Study at the University of Fukuchiyama


The University of Fukuchiyama is a public institution established in 2016. Our campus is in the northern part of Kyoto prefecture. This area is a hub for transportation and industry.
We welcome international students for cultural exchange. One of our goals is to create an environment where everybody feels safe and included.

Academic Calendar/学年暦

1st semester: From the beginning of April to the early August (including the exam period).
2nd semester: From the beginning of October to the mid-February (including the exam period).
*Class schedules vary from year to year.
Basically, classes are not held on Sat. Sun. and public holidays.
スケジュールは年度毎に異なります。  土曜、日曜、祝日は基本的にお休みです。


Regional Management/地域経営学部
The department of Regional Management/地域経営学科
The department of Health and Welfare Management/医療福祉経営学科
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The department of Informatics/情報学科
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Application Procedures/留学の応募に関して

How to apply/応募方法: Basically, the same procedures as the Japanese applicants for the University of Fukuchiyama should be taken.
Application requirements/応募要件:Please refer to the link.

お問合せ/Inquiry お問い合わせ – 福知山公立大学国際センター (